Health and safety when having Sex with Strangers

Many married couples visit dating websites with the primary intention of spicing up their sex life. These couples are normally very open-minded.

The diversity and the freedom provided by these websites present them with opportunities to try out different kinds of relationships. On your way to your sexual fantasy in the dating websites, you will find a threesome, a foursome or a swinger date.

Safe SexEvidently, sexual sharing is doable and has been happening for a long time. It works but only under sensible guidelines. To begin with, you need to reckon that married couples are responsible adults.

At the most fundamental level, they are committed to love relationships with their partners, their children, and careers. In fact, they are normal people like you and me. You have met them in your life.

Because married couples that practice online dating are normal people, their safety must come first if they are to offer devotion to their families.

Some ground rules for online dating may help with health and safety when having sex with strangers. Here is how:

1. Watch Out for Red Flags
If you are amazed at the perfect teeth and those glistening eyes in their pictures, I hate bursting your bubble, but they may be lurking for their next prey.

So, if you are suspicious, ask yourself something like this, why would this person post a deceptive photo about themselves? Always be a sentinel for a possible scam. Protect yourself from such people.

2. Do not share your contact details
Many couples have been scammed and robbed of money because they shared their contact details in online threesome dating sites. Hackers are always disguised out there, looking for their next victim.

Through your contact details, hackers can find your personal details such as your location, your bank details, etc. Once they get such information into their hands, they can blackmail you with the intention of stripping you of your money.

3. Meet in social places
It is always wise that if you finally meet someone you like, make arrangements to meet in social places such as pubs and to know one another.

This has the advantage of keeping you safe until you can trust your date. Meeting in secluded places will certainly make you susceptible to crimes such as date rapes and other forms of violence.

Use A Condom4. Use protection when having sex
You have finally trusted your new date; you have gone out on a few dates, and now you need to take your fantasy to the next level.

As a couple, your health should always be paramount as you seek exciting erotic experiences.

As you engage in a threesome or a foursome, always remember to take care of sexually transmitted illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and wear a condom.

Because your sexual fantasies always begin with drinking parties and erotic sprees, always remember that your marriage and family comes first. Their happiness depends on you. Therefore, make healthy life choices such as proper use of both male and female condoms. This will help you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Communication
When practicing a three way or a foursome, communication is always a prerequisite for the emotional contentment of the participants. Communication begins with your partner when planning for the sexual event. This ensures that you and your partner are on the same page.

You should share your fears to avoid leaving each other out during the exercise. Communication is important in setting boundaries in a threesome because every detail of the act matters and could cause a lot of emotional damage to your partner if certain acts go overboard.

CommunicationBecause you are bringing a third and possibly a fourth person in your sexual play, communication is important in ensuring your safety. Remember that you do not know them very well and it is always good to play it safe.

Again, make sure you are prepared with latex gloves, condoms, and dental dams. Also, communicate with your date that you and your marriage partner always play it safe so that they do not get hurt when you put on the protection.

These are a few of the precautions you can take when heading down the road to a threesome. It can be a pleasant adventure for you and your partner as you make your erotic fantasy a reality.