Threesomes Are Our Spice Of Life

Three Way Fun

Whenever we feel that the flames in our sexual relationship are dying, my wife and I usually arrange for a threesome as a way of igniting the marital passions and enlivening and fortifying our marriage.

Sexual SparksHowever, we make sure to discuss everything together. Arranging for a successful threesome requires effort. There is need for more communication in threesomes and foursomes than would otherwise be the case in twosomes.

First we always make sure we that discuss and are clear about what we want in the sexual experience. Transparency and honesty is necessary in any marriage or relationship.

We also discuss with our prospective partners about, for example, how long will it take whether to have sex or just foreplay and whether kissing would be okay. We have always preferred to stick to a threesome or foursome because we find orgies, that’s, encounters of more than four partners a bit chaotic.

The best place to get prospective partners is the internet and not Craigslist as we informed some time ago, but thats another story I shall write about soon. There are websites which are dedicated to connecting swingers singles and couples and I will go into detail about these sites in a later post as well.

Strangers Not Friends 

It is always better to avoid friends when looking for people to engage with in threesomes because in case things don’t go well, it would be much easier to cope with a stranger than with someone you are tied up with, our first 3some happened in New York with a stranger and thats how we like it, with new people that we don’t know. 

We also make sure we practice safe sex by being aware of the medical history of our prospective partners and ascertaining that things such as condoms, deodorants and dental products are nearby. Oral hygiene is necessary for everyone.

So every person has to make sure he has good breath and good body odour so that he/she does not become a turn-off to potential partners.

Cleanliness Is Essential

We always advice our prospective partners to make sure they have showered and are well groomed before they come for the party. Appropriate perfumes, cologne or body spray can make a big difference.

Sexy DeodorantWe also ensure that everybody agrees on not pulling any tricks such as removing the condom during the act. Keeping things safe is important. With safety taken care of it becomes possible to enjoy the experience without having to worry.

We always start the session by ensuring there is a light hearted atmosphere. Playing a game such as chess or bridge while sipping wine or beer which helps set up the mood and makes people more relaxed. This is gradually followed by caressing and undressing as everyone slowly plunges into action.

I always ensure to my wife that these swinging experiences are not going to be a replacement to our one-on-one intimacy. So we often set up rules to follow and are honest towards each other.

I make sure that whenever I am participating in a threesome or foursome encounter, she is also around. I also make sure that I never do anything during threesome or foursome sex that I have never done before with her.

It is actually not possible to satisfy another sexually over a long period of time as in marriage. So swinging adds excitement in a marriage and can save it from ruin. So rather than have an illicit extramarital adventure behind your partners back it is better that you both get involved in an otherwise legitimate affair.

This has always served for me and my wife the double function of satisfying our inner passions as well as doing away with any guilt that would have otherwise resulted from having an illicit love affair.

SwingersWe have been able to develop greater trust towards each other, besides learning new sexual techniques which has brought liveliness and satisfaction in what could have otherwise become a dreary marital coitus. 

However, one should try to do away with the guilty feeling that inhibits one from wanting to experiment sexually.

Sex Is Good For You

Such a feeling is as a result of the misconceptions that we are all brought up with since science has shown that experimenting sexually is not only okay but could boost our psychological and physiological health when done in the right way.

There’s everything to be gained, therefore, and nothing to be lost when a threesome or swinging excursion or wife swapping is carried out in the right way. When not done rightly, on the other hand it could lead one into a world of inhibited sexual adventure and subsequent disenchantment with one’s marriage.