Our First Threesome In New York

New York Three Way

MFF Threesome

My wife and I recently went to New York for a long romantic weekend break and we stayed in a very plush hotel which my wife loved. To say that she was delighted with my choice of hotel would be an understatement. So that night when we unpacked our cases and sat on our huge kings size bed drinking champaign we both got a little tipsy and ended up having great sex for most of the night.

The following day involved all the usual sight seeing and shopping trips to all the big stores, but the evening bought a very pleasant and unexpected meeting with a beautiful woman who was also staying in the same hotel. We met Susan in the lounge bar sitting on her own with a laptop and a glass of wine. We all got on extremely well and retired to a more comfortable seating area and chatted for hours.

Back To My Room For Wine Excuse

Susan then suggested we go back to her room to finish off a bottle of red wine she had bought earlier in the day. To my surprise and I must admit I really did not see this coming, but my wife started kissing Susan as soon as we entered her room, the next thing I knew they were both naked and lying on the bed this is when they both demanded I join them.

It took me all of five seconds to strip naked and jump on the bed with them, and from there on we tried everything and every position you could think of. The sex was out of this world and the fact my wife enjoyed every moment of it just turned me on even more. I won’t go into too much detail for my first post, but needless to say we met up the following night and it happened all over again.

For our very first three way it went extremely well and it just opened up so many other sexual avenues for us. If this chance meeting had never happened who would know how our sex lives would be now, a lot less exciting I’m sure. My wife and myself are so grateful for the day we met Susan, it really has changed our lives for the better, and we still meet up with Susan on occasions.

It Worked For Us

I guess it worked out great for us, and we still have 3somes with other people on a weekly basis, but after hearing stories from others who have tried a three way and it has not worked for them or it has made things worse, then I would say put some serious thought into it and if one partner is in a doubt then don’t do it at all.

Three Way MFF

You both have to be comfortable with sharing each other with another person, you have to be confident that this is something you want to do, you can’t let jealous thoughts enter your head because if they do it will cause more harm than good.

Basically use common sense and approach it light heartedly at first and once it looks like the threesome is going to happen then put serious thoughts and questions into it. You both will need to talk it through together and both need to be certain it’s what you both want.

Talk About It

Ok it didn’t happen like that with us because it was not planned, but after our first threesome we did talk a lot about having lots more with different people, and we both really wanted to try it, so yes for us it worked out great. And if you talk about it with your partner yours should as well. Try looking online at adult dating websites, these are great for finding three way partners.