Our Holiday Romance for Four

Our Spanish Fling

The word exhilarating can be misconstrued or misleading, but in reality this is what really happened during our short, yet memorable trip to Spain. When the famous American author Ernest Hemingway wrote ‘The Sun Also Rises,’ he provided his readers with an insight into the laid-back lifestyle of the Spanish.

Sexy DancingDrinking, dancing, fiestas, and sex figured prominently in Hemingway’s presentation of the Spanish. Decades later, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest the Spanish enjoy their entertainment just as much as they did decades ago. Yes, Spain is marked for its crowded beaches and the sangria-sipping Spainards watching bull fights and flamencos.

When the Vengaboys sang the song “We’re going to Ibiza,” little did they think that Ibiza would ignite the curiosity of the millions of travelers with their eloquent diction. It wouldn’t be hard for the fun-loving holiday explorers to articulate the reason for their doing so. Ibiza is a tiny island located 93 miles off the coast of the city of Valencia in the Mediterranean Sea.

This island is a much-sought-after destination for tourists from all over the world, and thanks to the Vengaboys, the island has become even more popular. Ibiza is known for its lively nightlife, and picturesque, yet tranquilant, yoga retreats and beaches. When such a lovely place beckoned us, my wife and I, decided that we would make Spain our holiday destination.

Time To Relax And Enjoy Spain

We’ve been married for a while now, and though we’ve been on numerous vacations during this time, but mainly in the USA like New York, we never had this sparkling look in our eyes before as we headed off to Spain. Once there, we could see perpetual dancing on the streets and in clubs, and drinking in bars and restaurants.

In Madrid, my wife and I decided to explore the city’s history. The Palacio Real or the Royal Palace as it is popularly known, retains its pristine beauty. It was here that we ran into Margarida; a young Spanish woman in her mid-twenties. Margarida was to be our guide and when we invited her to join us to San Sebastian, she asked if she could bring her boyfriend Juan Jose with her on our trip.

One advantage of having a foursome is that it removes monotony and imbibes a sense of curiosity of the unknown. My wife and I have been together for a few years now and every trip we’ve been on together had been exciting. However, with Margarida and Juan for company, the trip took a new meaning.

Just Chilling In The Sun

San SebastianWe went by road to San Sebastian, which is in the north of the country close to the border with France. The city is in itself a pictureque locale. Amidst steep cliffs and islands, the city has one of the finest beaches in whole of Europe called La Concha. For the whole of the next four days, during the day we would walk along the curved beach holding each others hands and tell jokes that sometimes bordered on absurdity, or throw pranks at one another.

We would also go surfing and later eat Spanish food in restaurants nearby. As couples, there was always going to be some sexual advances and while the four of us did have our reservations initially, these were knocked off and we began to explore new avenues to rekindle our nights together.

The sex between us four was out of this world, sometimes we lasted for hours without even realising the time we had just spent together just holding and touching each other. I would lye and watch my wife kissing another woman and then turn around and have sex with another man. To me it just turned me on so much, and I know my wife was in heaven to have three people kiss and hold her all night.

We would swap partners and sing and dance under the night sky and then swim in the shallow waters near the beach. It was a nice feeling as both my wife and I began to understand our partners intensively. Once, I had to console Margarida because of which, we found ourselves in a not-too-comfortable position.

Time For Wine

Bull FightOnce during our holidays, I took Margarida to a bull fight dressed in a tuxedo while Jenny and Juan went out to explore the city. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by at a bar to have a drink. My wife does not drink and to have a pretty woman like Margarida share the table with me over drinks was an experience. She was comfortable with me.

That experience of having Margarida beside me at times during the holiday was exhilarating. The sudden dalliance or having another person beside you to confide in or console you is a different experience altogether. Through our consented agreement, we were able to explore a host of new avenues never explored before.

All these were largely due to the ambience and the picturesque landscapes that Spain offered. Most importantly, all these were done on mutually accepted terms so that no one walked out with a guilty conscience. So, the next time you plan a holiday, think of all the possibilities of a foursome on a holiday in Spain.


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